NF Laboratory

Linda is the head of the laboratory and for her, fabrics have no secrets. Every year, she carries out about 1500 tests which are delivered to customers who request them. For some brands, this collaboration is essential, and it also speeds up checks on the quality of fabrics and avoids slowing down the production process. International brands such as Mark & Spencer, Gap and Next have recognized the Nova Fides Laboratory for its tests carried out on fabrics following the standards set by the customer.

For Nova Fides, the quality of fabrics is of the utmost importance. This is why the company has an in-house laboratory that carries out different types of tests to guarantee customers compliance with standards.

Colour fastness tests:

this inspects the colour discharge of the fabric and serves to understand if the colour is properly fixed.

Determination of tensile strength

tearing, seam slippage, rips, and abrasion resistance. This is a series of physical tests which, with the help of dedicated machinery, guarantee the resistance of the fabric when subjected to certain stresses.

What testsare carried out

Dimensional stability test:

this is a test used to ensure that the fabric, when under certain conditions, is not subjected to dimensional variations such as shrinkage. Dry, water and steam tests are carried out.

Determination of pH of aqueous extract:

this test is carried out to understand the compatibility of the textile when in direct contact with the skin, to avoid the possibility of triggering allergic or inflammatory reactions.