GC Next Fashion

Fondo Giuliano Calabresi Next Fashion (GCNF)

For the new generations of fashion

For NF, the historical archive is a true beating heart of today’s creative activity. Fabrics, colors and ideas preserved for over 60 years become the inspiration for current designs. Circularity, before becoming an economic concept today, has been and will always be a system of reading fashion through the seasons.

NF is an industry that produces and enriches every year its archive memory with hundreds of new articles and colors.

With the idea of supporting students, small brands, start-ups, small designers and new projects and enhancing the fabric already produced, the Giuliano Calabresi Next Fashion fund was born with the aim of giving a second chance to the textile heritage in the archive.

About 35,000 meters of fabric rolls are preserved and intended for the project.

The fabrics are sold at a symbolic value of € 1.00 per meter for a maximum of 10m.

Send your application and book a slot of choice by writing an email or compiling the form