NF Destination

Collaboration with the local area and new generations

Safeguarding the environment and contributing to the sustainable development of the area where we work are priorities for Nova Fides. A focus on social inclusion, promoting the area and relationships with local authorities are also extremely important to us.

Charitable initiatives, company visits and collaborations with schools, universities and associations are just some of the many activities that the company takes part in every year, with the aim of generating wellbeing and increasing awareness of local sustainability issues.

The doors of Nova Fides are always open to tell our story of excellence and quality and to explain our leading role in the largest textile district in Europe.

Thanks to TIPO, a project for the promotion of industrial tourism in Prato, Nova Fides welcomes a large number of visitors, offering a unique experience that looks at the past and the present, allowing people to touch our fabrics, learn about our production cycle and get involved in our world.

Nova Fides also works with universities and high schools to educate students, professionals and emerging talent interested in working in the fashion and textile sector, as well as spreading our sustainable culture.

For us, sustainability, in terms of the value chain, product development and relations with the community and local area, is fundamental to relaunch the textile and fashion sector in the markets of the future.

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