How we work

Nova Fides is a family textile company that is focused on people and committed to managing each phase of fabric production, from raw materials to finished product. 

Thanks to production flexibility, Nova Fides guarantees a high level of fabric customization, combining economic, social and environmental sustainability. 


The production facility of Nova Fides – named Paola Textile (PTX) – handles sampling and a part of the production process, using energy that mostly comes from renewable resources. PTX, located a few meters from the company HQ, is equipped with a powerful photovoltaic system.


Nova Fides has an extensive archive of yarns in every color and material. The yarn archive is fully automatic, managed by a mobile structure that is extremely useful in terms of space saving and cataloging.


When using regenerated fibers, the dying process is excluded. Fibers are made due to an accurate sorting of used clothing that is divided by color, so that the final fiber becomes that same color. So how do you get the color you want? By mixing the fibers of different colors; we make small felt samples until we mix the perfect result.


The in-house laboratory is one of Nova Fides’ strengths. Highly specialized personnel test the physical and chemical qualities of our products and all textiles are accompanied by a data sheet that indicates the statistics for each lot. The laboratory is also officially recognized by some brands as a certified partner.


Customer service here at Nova Fides is based on two main factors: on-time delivery and few complaints. Precisely for reason, to guarantee that textiles are made exactly as ordered, we have an internal quality control team. Every piece is checked and every potential defects is carefully noted.


Since 2011, Nova Fides has been operating in the used clothing recycling industry, selecting and salvaging used clothing that is returned to the stores of major brands that have collection policies. The material is selected, classified, and then each one follows a different path in order to recuperate as much fiber as possible. Unfortunately, not every scrap of material can become a fashion item again, but we make sure that these scraps find their way into other sectors that can use textile scraps. In this, 60 years of experience comes in handy.


PRSL is a standard that Nova Fides has created in order to respect brands’ production benchmarks and also define internal production ones, in order to ensure the proper use of chemicals and limit environmental impact. This new standard was created in collaboration with 4 Sustainability®.


The production of a textile, from fiber to finished product, requires numerous steps. Nova Fides handles all the different steps, but of course we also collaborate with a network of qualified external suppliers. The whole process takes place in the Prato textile district, in the hands of companies that share the same production values and who adhere to the 4 Sustainability protocol. In this way, traceability of the whole process is guaranteed, and it’s possible to determine the environmental and social impact of the production.


Everything at Nova Fides is recyclable or reusable, thanks to our internal Sustainability Team who analyzes every production step.

Samples are sent to clients in cardboard boxes that can be personalized or used to store new ideas or documents.

Rolls of textiles, when ready for shipping, are wrapped with certified recycled plastic, which can be recognized by the fact that it is opaque.


Many of our products are made from recycled materials, but we go a step beyond! The production process generates the so-called “scraps”, the offcuts from weaving and threading. In order to create a new product, we are even able to recycle and revalorize this particular type of waste. 


What about unsold textile stocks? Nova Fides generally produces upon request, but sometimes small quantities of textiles may remain unsold. In this case, we re-insert the lots on the market as stock, ideal for small brands or creative start-ups making capsule collections. If all else fails, we recycle it. We never throw anything out.