Nova Fides 4 U

Valuing the organizational climate as a pillar for sustainable growth and responsibility toward our talent

At Nova Fides, we value our people, who make us stand out from the rest. To foster this community, we launched an internal organizational climate analysis to create dialogue and develop positive relations with all our employees.

Effective from March 2022, we use questionnaires and interviews to learn how to be a better place to work and grow.

Relationships, awareness and continuing improvement

are our three pillars to a brighter future

Let’s make Nova Fides a place where everyone is inspired and can thrive!

We believe in creating a climate of success: promoting relations, rewarding hard work, communicating effectively, leading with vision, and inspiring a sense of belonging. Unlocking the power of a positive organizational climate helps us drive performance, engagement, collaboration, innovation and talent attraction.

At Nova Fides, we know that our employees are our most important asset.

We are passionate about creating a culture where everyone feels valued and empowered to reach their full potential.

Through a comprehensive mapping process and semi-structured interviews with all team members, we sought to understand the state of our organizational climate in order to examine whether the company was meeting the needs of all its employees. At the end of this annual process, a strong sense of belonging emerged among our staff. People feel comfortable in the workplace and the company is seen as an integral part of their history. Our team also appreciates that we are dedicated to creating a supportive environment, where colleagues can connect and collaborate on projects. They also valued our investment in new technology to increase communication flows between departments. The interviews revealed that our staff appreciates the education and respect that management has for employees.

We believe in personal relationships based on encouragement and we are trying to avoid vertical relationships based on hierarchy as opposed to mutual support.

Our team also provided us with many creative ideas for continuing improvement and we are committed to making meaningful changes in the workplace. This includes the development of new departments, new hires and a rewards system to recognize employees’ talent.

At Nova Fides, we strive to create a corporate culture of recognition and growth. We want to ensure everyone feels supported and appreciated, so we can reach our collective goals together.

We are committed to creating an environment that ensures employee wellbeing through promoting a learning culture, where everyone is empowered to be their best selves and reach their fullest potential.

Through the organizational climate assessment, we realized even more that we need to promote a culture of care, respect and appreciation, where employees are valued and their contributions are recognized.

To ensure our employees are equipped with the right skills and knowledge, NF provides various training and development opportunities. We offer on-the-job support and mentoring, attendance at seminars, and provide structured learning programs. We are also continuously investing in technology, so that employees are able to access the latest tools and resources.

At NF, we encourage our employees to speak up, express their ideas and take ownership of their work. We believe that by providing our employees with the necessary resources, we can help them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Join us and experience the joy of being part of a team that values a culture of care and development. We believe that by providing the right environment, our employees can reach their fullest potential and help us build a sustainable future.