Sustainability Reports

What is sustainability for Nova Fides?

The concept of sustainability has no clear definition. It consists of a multiplicity of facets, uses and meanings with different implications depending on the fields of application.
For Nova Fides, sustainability consists in a system that uses renewable resources, avoids negative impacts on society and the environment and preserves and meets needs of future generations. Therefore, ensuring intergenerational equity, maintaining environmental balance and the moral and ethical integrity of society are priorities for Nova Fides.
Sustainability, therefore, does not simply translate into sensitivity and attention to the environment. The company interprets sustainability as a virtuous interrelation of three areas: economic, social and environmental. The connection between these three pillars allows to ensure the sustainability of the business, or its ability to create value over time. For this reason, Nova Fides’ sustainable strategies have focused on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), product development and the reduction of environmental impacts through targeted investments, always maintaining high levels of profitability.

Claudio Calabresi

“What is sustainability for me? First of all, the enhancement of our people. A sustainable company must share its principles with all stakeholders with the ultimate aim of establishing economic, environmental and social goals that do not compromise the well-being of future generations. Only through solid collaboration and alignment on values is it possible to act consciously, pursuing the well-being of all. So for me, in the center, there will always be people.”

Paolo Calabresi

“Sustainability does not simply translate into attention to the environment and society. By definition, a company, to be sustainable, must record positive results. In order to operate sustainably in the market, a company must therefore create quality, eco-conscious and high-performance products. For this very reason, we have always been attentive to new trends and ideas, we never stop and this is really energizing.”

Investment, sustainability and innovation

Sustainability: an opportunity for growth

There are many investments that Nova Fides has decided to make during 2021 with the following objectives: to optimize production processes and logistics systems, to buy new and more efficient machinery, to reduce the resources consumed, to convey a message of commitment and responsibility towards the environment, the territory and society.

Sustainability has long been part of our collections, but also of the financing instruments, linked to the achievement of energy and water saving targets, the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and also the increase of recycled materials.

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