Sustainable Raw Materials

Raw materials have a significant impact on the environmental repercussions of the finished product. Quality, durability and fabric sustainability all depend on selecting raw materials correctly.

For this reason, Nova Fides – in addition to using fully certified recycled or regenerated materials for 65% of its production needs –started research to include new raw materials of natural origin in the collections with an innovative approach to sustainability.

60% of the environmental impact of an item of clothing is due to the first stage in production that involves raw materials. That’s why Nova Fides pays careful attention to which raw materials are used in the production process.

NF boasts decades of experience using recycled fibers from reusing discarded clothing, a practice in which Prato has been market leader for many years. Woolen fibers can be reworked with recycled nylon and polyester to create 100% recycled products.

Nova Fides also uses virgin raw materials. In this case, our Sustainability Team carefully evaluates the provenance and requires necessary certifications that guarantee the least possible environmental and social impact. That’s how we created products like La Lana Moretta, made from virgin sheep fibers that have a characteristic grey color – the result is a naturally colored product that requires no dyeing.