100% Recycled

100 /pə ˈsɛnt/ /riːˈsʌɪk(ə)l/

100 per cent” means fully, completely, entirely.

Recycled” has two meanings:

  • to convert waste into a reusable material

  • to restore material to a previous stage in the process cycle

This fabric family is made from recycled material: a mix of wool and polyester, both scrupulously regenerated. No product can join this family unless it has a history and, at Nova Fides, we hand-pick the regenerated wool.

Another thing: these textiles are not dyed. Instead, they are produced from a mix of fibers that were colored at a previous stage in their lifecycle.

Nova Fides recycles old clothes to create high-quality fabrics in terms of color, look, feel and functionality.

100% Recycled tells the story of a sustainable consumption revolution, reminding us that an eco-conscious choice is also a responsible choice.