La lana moretta

La Lana Moretta is a fabric family that has completely innovated the way Nova Fides works. A brand-new concept, a new story, a new development.

With La Lana Moretta, Nova Fides now gives renewed value to products that would otherwise have finished their lifecycle in landfills as waste. 

In the past, Moretta sheep wool was considered as waste as it is impossible to dye the fibers because of their natural black color.

With the La Lana Moretta family fabric, Nova Fides gives value to waste products.

It was developed by the fiber research area to meet the demand for a new wool product in line with sustainable principles.

Moretta wool is a fiber that is generally not used on its own, but tends to be mixed with other wools, given that it is already naturally colored.

Instead, the Nova Fides raw materials technical department selected and cataloged it by color. In this way, it was possible to obtain a set of clearly identified nuances that gave rise to a multitude of two-tone pieces, designed without using the dyeing process (chemical and invasive), saving energy and water, thereby reducing the environmental impact.

La Lana Moretta is not white. It usually gets rejected or is used with its natural hue due to its typical dark color. This means that it is absolutely unique.

You will never find another fabric exactly like La Lana Moretta because every part of this dark wool comes from an animal that stands out from the herd.

Since the fiber is undyed, it is wonderful for the environment. No dyes mean a huge savings in water and energy, and fewer carbon dioxide emissions.

La Lana Moretta is good-looking, unique and sustainable.

The Nova Fides raw materials technical department went on to also create the UNDYED fabric families made from not-dyed raw materials of natural origin (Alpaca, Yak, Camel, etc.).