A supernova is a powerful and luminous explosion of a star, just like this collection featuring fabrics that blast out dozens of details and materials, making them even more dazzling.

SuperNova is the result of our drive to create the finest laidback luxury, a sparkling collection of imaginative, versatile and comfortable fabrics.

In this collection, wool and cotton are renewed, permeated with new functionalities, and mixed with research fibers and recycled polymers.

These unique, renewable and biodegradable fibers are enriched and transformed to meet new contemporary needs.

Indeed, the SuperNova collection is the result of relentless experimentation, the use of the most innovative technologies combined with the most modern fibers on the market. These are durable, high-performance fabrics whose special finishes ensure comfort, softness and breathability combined with high resistance to wear and tear.

They are carefully crafted from selected raw materials that undergo unique manufacturing and weaving processes, followed by our state-of-the-art finishes. They are available in a swathe of compositions, weights and finishes.