The evolution of La Lana Moretta pieces is seen in the UNDYED line, featuring fabrics made with “non-dyed” fibers.

Using natural fibers that have their own inherent color means avoiding the use of coloring substances (dyes).

Furthermore, by carefully selecting raw materials to create our blends, we already give the yarns – and therefore our fabrics – a lovely soft touch that removes the need to undergo further finishing operations on the fabrics that come off the loom.

This means savings in chemicals, water and energy, and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

When you choose UNDYED:
  • You lend dignity to a fiber that others would discard

  • You choose a process that does not use any dye, hence has zero chemical discharges

  • You opt to save water, energy and carbon emissions

  • You get a unique shade for your garment

  • Your sustainable choice is a lasting one, with high quality and durability