Loom Arcade

At Nova Fides, we believe in manufacturing, so we have taken our fleet of looms to 80.

We believe in the Prato district.

We are an inseparable part of the world’s textile laboratories, vaunting decades of experience in creating products from discarded clothing, and holding the flag of manufacturing excellence in Italy high.

Nova Fides has always stood against a reluctance to change. In our industry, sustainability equals traceability.

Fashion supply chains are complex and geographically fragmented, making them difficult to control. 

We decided to produce internally in order to reduce information losses and provide total transparency to our customers.

This is why we recently made a huge investment in our facilities, doubling our production capacity.

Today, Nova Fides proudly vaunts 80 looms, making it one of the biggest weaving firms in the entire district of Prato. 

There’s more.

We also decided to set aside 20 looms for our customers to play with.

When the designer selects an article and wants to change the shade or pattern or design, now they can do it by themselves!

The designer can experiment and create with the support of our technicians.

Come visit us and discover the Loom Arcade!

Nova Fides’ doors are always open to new ideas, challenges and insights.