NF Family

The team benefits from an internal organization that sparks exchanges of views, a sense of shared responsibility and clear company goals.

Each person’s contribution is essential.

Led by brothers Claudio and Paolo Calabresi, Nova Fides is a company that has always placed values at the heart of the business.

“We have learned a lot from our clients, we’ve grown alongside them, accepting new challenges as the market proposes them. We’ve always been attune to new trends and ideas, we never stop, and this is really energizing.”

— Paolo Calabresi


“What’s Nova Fides’s strength?

Our people.

We all share the same values, internally and with outside suppliers – people with whom we have long-term relationships based on mutual trust. The other major factor is the use of new technology – all our processes are managed digitally.

— Claudio Calabresi

Nova Fides considers the team its main asset.

The technical competency, professionalism and dedication of its employees are the driving force behind the company’s development.

For this reason, Nova Fides does not tolerate discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, race, age, religion, disability or political affiliation. Respect for these values is clearly enshrined in the company’s Code of Ethics.

At Nova Fides, the best projects take shape thanks to close collaboration between the style team and the technical department.

The synergy between the commercial staff, weaving team and in-house laboratory plays a fundamental role in the creative process.

Nova Fides produces samples through its associated weaving facility: Paola Textile (PTX).

Located a few meters from the company headquarters and equipped with a powerful photovoltaic system, PTX now also manages a huge percentage of Nova Fides’ output thanks to recent investments aimed at vastly increasing production capacity. This process is followed by scrupulous quality control.

Thanks to the in-house laboratory, recognized by a number of brands as a certified partner, the physical and chemical characteristics of the products are carefully tested and recorded

The textile production cycle is extremely complex.

Indeed, the heterogeneity of the sector is determined by the large number of raw materials and variety of processes used.

For this reason, we only work with qualified and certified suppliers that meet our strict quality standards.

In this way, we can guarantee total traceability and transparency while accurately measuring each product’s social and environmental impact.