2nd chance

2ND Chance is a New Chance

A coat (100% recycled) that makes light (100% sustainable)

Why 2ND Chance?

Sustainability and energy development in African villages: Mango and Nova Fides have teamed up to do both with their 100% recycled coat collaboration.

Giving a second chance – one infused with new value – to the objects we use and then discard, is what drives Nova Fides.

Recycling to create new products with an ethical and environmental value superior to the original product is the challenge Nova Fides has undertaken with its 100% Recycled line.

Nova Fides recycles new clothes to create high quality (in terms of colour, look and feel), functional (in terms of technical characteristics and performance) fabrics.

Through the 2ND Chance campaign, clothing made from 100% recycled Nova Fides fabrics champion two causes:

  1. Environmental sustainability
  2. Social responsibility and development

Environmental sustainability

  • Water saving

  • CO2 emission reduction

  • Free from dyes

Social responsibility and development

  • Supporting Senegalese communities

In accordance with its Corporate Social Responsibility, Nova Fides combines the sale of its 100% Recycled fabrics with a social development project through the direct involvement and commitment of member client brands.

The company supports Liter of Light, an Open Source knowledge-sharing project on access to energy that aims to “light up the dark corners of the world”.

The project, financed by Nova Fides and implemented by Glocal Impact Network (the European partner of the Liter of Light project), brings ecologically and socially sustainable lighting to an energy poor area in Senegal.

Access to electricity is an indispensable and fundamental human right and a central resource for the realization of environmental-and-socially-sustainable projects.

In November 2021, 22 streetlights were installed in a village in Senegal.

The streetlights, which illuminate public and outdoor areas, are made with components widely available on the local market and assembled by local workers. Liter of Light offers free training to beneficiaries to foster micro-enterprises that then bring sustainable development to their community. The skills acquired by the new technicians also facilitate the installation, monitoring and maintenance of the solar lamps.

Additionally, anyone who bought the coat or simply walked through the stores was invited to contribute to the growth of the project by creating an Instagram post or story with a photo of the coat and the @novafides tag.

For every 50 tags, a new streetlight was lit in the village.

These “illuminating tags” helped turn on a light thousands of kilometres away, improving the lives of hundreds of people. It presented a precious opportunity that cost nothing, but was worth a lot. To a lot of people.

Developments in the campaign have been periodically published on social media. While in a section of the Liter of light website (dedicated link) dedicated to Nova Fides, you can find a map outlining the villages, the installation progress and photos documenting works.

The project ended with 22 streetlights, which helped 330 people and saved 70.40 kg of CO2 per year.