Listen to your clothes

Telling the story behind the materials used to make a garment, explaining the manufacturing process and describing the sustainable traits of the fabric: a label alone is not enough space to detail all of a product’s properties when it comes to considering and caring for the environment.

That is why Nova Fides developed a podcast titled “Listen to your Clothes”, accessible via the QR Code on the labels attached to the company’s jackets, coats and trousers. This innovative channel of communication enables the company’s sustainable commitment to be conveyed easily and instantly to buyers.

Clear descriptions mean that customers discover how Nova Fides linen jackets are made from offcuts cast aside in the carding process, leading to recycled materials and substantial savings in virgin wool as well as reduced water used due to dry weaving.

Customers also learn that Nova Fides trousers are manufactured in BCI organic cotton, in addition to a detailed explanation of the added value of this production choice.

Coats from Nova Fides speak too, telling clients the story behind the recycled wool and the environmental benefits deriving from this process.