Mega fabric

The largest fabric ever produced by #novafides

The idea of ​​giving a sign of vitality, visible from above.

This is the fabric of relationships, which we have woven with the world.

Everyone wants to work in a space that is beautiful to look at, inhabit and grow in. Cue the Megafabric project: embroidery painted on the asphalt of our company courtyard, created in collaboration with Ecòl, a multidisciplinary architecture studio from Prato.

The new square was designed by our employees, who were thus able to leave their mark on a space where they spend a good part of their day every day, hard at work with passion and dedication.

MEGAFABRIC is a giant fabric, stretching roughly 6 metres wide and 100 metres long, located in the Nova Fides headquarters courtyard.

The design developed from a textile weave – a graphic matrix that represents the way in which warp and weft come together to give life to a fabric.

The idea stemmed from one of our co-planning meetings with company employees. The process itself took almost a year, throughout which staff shared their thoughts, ideas and solutions on how to improve our workplace.