NF Archive

60 years of company history are conserved in the Nova Fides archive, where we store samples and textiles made in our generations of activity. This provides creative inspiration for our clients and designers who wish to consult it.

The archive is the soul of Nova Fides, an exciting long story to share that testifies to the evolution of style, materials and creativity of a company that

Over the years it has always guarded with originality the textile and fashion market.

Thanks to a dedicated digital storage software it was possible to scan and associate each product with different keywords, making the search faster, more precise and organized, cataloging the new connections visible inside the digital showroom.

Various collections proposed by Nova Fides draw inspiration from our exclusive archive. It is a process driven by extreme care for the individual details with which each fabric is made, in which formulas and aesthetic codes are interwoven with a strong Italian imprint.


Fabrics archives are a constant source of inspiration, allowing you to reinterpret in new ways past trends that often come back. With our guidance, this research may well turn you on to the next big trend.

The archive also becomes a source of inspiration for customers. To respond to special requests, the doors of the Nova Fides archive are opened to customers by offering them a fabric as a starting point with the possibility of modifying the characteristics of the final product by intervening on the design or compositional scheme.

It is a journey made of perseverance, creativity, professionalism and numerous attempts, an effort rewarded with customer satisfaction and the creation of a unique and unrepeatable product.

To access the Nova Fides archive, please send us an email or compile the form to book an appointment and indicate the material, years and style in which you are interested. Our staff will do the research for you and provide a selection to show you.