NF Archive

60 years of our company history, which means all the samples and textiles produced over years of business, are preserved in the Nova Fides Archive. A constant source of inspiration, for us and our customers. 

The archive is the very soul of Nova Fides – and it’s an exciting story to share. A story about the evolution of style, materials and creativity belonging to a company that has never stopped growing over the years.

Our digital storage software makes it possible to scan and associate every product with keywords, making the search faster, more precise and user-friendly.

Many of the articles proposed in the NF collections are inspired by our exclusive archive. It is a process driven by extreme attention to detail and research into clear aesthetic codes, while maintaining a strong Italian mindset.

The NF Archive is a constant source of inspiration, allowing us to reinterpret past trends in original new ways.

On this exciting journey, our customers can help us develop new patterns, ideas, projects and articles.

The doors of the Nova Fides archive are always open for special requests. Customers can select a particular fabric as a “starting point” and modify every trait, intervening, for example, on the design, composition or the finishing process used.

It is a journey of perseverance, creativity, professionalism and endless experimentation. An effort rewarded with customer satisfaction and the creation of a unique new product.

To access the Nova Fides archive, please send us an email or fill in the form to book an appointment and indicate the material and design you are interested in. Our staff will do the research and provide a selection to show you.