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Nova Fides is a family textile company based on people, that carries out every phase of production, from raw material to finished product.
It has decades of experience using recycled fiber that comes from re-using discarded clothing in order to create 100% recycled products.
Nova Fides also works with virgin raw materials and the result is a naturally coloured product that doesn't require any dyeing.
Nova Fides specializes in the production of fabrics for men, women and children with the aim of responding to the different needs of a constantly evolving market.
Thanks to its high production flexibility, it guarantees a high level of fabric customization, combining economic, social and environmental sustainability.
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Consciousness Innovation Uniqueness with a dynamic heritage

#novafides a tradition in   sustainability

From yarn to fabric.
More than 60 years of history.

Our collections are called families, with elegance, tradition, sustainability and innovation at the heart.

Thanks to our constant research you can find:

  • High-quality recycled and regenerated fabrics

  • Fabrics made from raw materials of natural origin, non-dyed

  • Fabrics made from raw materials treated with natural dyes

  • Premium fabrics made with expertise

  • High-performance fabrics that guarantee comfort, softness, breathability and durability due to our continuous experimentation and use of innovative technologies

We make accessories TOO
Accessories Capsule Collection by Nova Fides

NF TOO is a new beginning for Nova Fides without overlooking our long heritage.
A number of the Nova Fides families are made with natural non-dyed fibers (UNDYED and La Lana Moretta) or dyed with natural colors (NTRL).

Chemical-free fabrics are used to create the NF TOO capsule

Sustainability in our DNA

The doors of Nova Fides are always open, revealing excellence, quality and links with the largest textile district in Europe.

Engage in a unique experience between the past and the present, feeling the fabrics and being conscious of every aspect of the production cycle while immersing yourself in the Nova Fides world.

Nova Fides as seen in

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